Alpaca farming is a growing business in Europe. More and more people are keeping alpacas as a hobby, but also as a living.

More and more vets in practice are coming in contact with alpacas. In many aspects, alpacas are not similar to our domesticated species. Alpacas ruminate, but are strictly seen not ruminants. They are part of the genus Tylopoda, and the family of Camelids. Because of the numerous physiological differences – we’re thinking of the stomach compartments, the reproductive system, the dental structure etc...- the alpaca usually is a big challenge for the practicing veterinarian.
Because of our experience with small camelids, we can offer an international service to alpaca breeders, and a referral practice for specific problems.
Our practice in Geluwe, is situated in the centre of the European alpaca market. We are easily accessible for our international clients.
Alpa-Vet treats your alpaca like an alpaca.

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